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High Impact Public Policy Research in the Asian Century

3rd Annual Crawford PhD Conference

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

0900 - 1700

Weston Theatre, Crawford School

The spread of globalization near the end of the 19th century had significant cultural, political and economic implications for many nations. The 20th century saw the pervasiveness of Western ideologies, exemplified by things such as the “Washington Consensus” that liberalization of both export and financial markets is the way to progress for least developed economies, the global syndication of television programs and channels such as Sesame Street and MTV, and the spread of the largest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s.

After more than a century of prominence, the first decade of the 21st century has seen the Western concept of globalization on the decline. The global financial crisis and the continuing volatility of the Eurozone have highlighted the structural weaknesses of the global economy. The global financial crisis arguably marked the end of Western economic dominance, and signalled the beginning of the Asian century.

As we see the Western world burdened with unprecedented levels of debt, Asia is now the centre of the world’s production and manufacturing with a growing number and size of Asian corporations. We are also now witnessing the upskilling of Asian economies in the sectors of banking, business consultancy, shipping, IT, and software, which used to be dominated by Western companies more than a decade ago.

A cultural revolution is also unfolding: bubble tea in McDonald’s stores in Germany, Asian McNoodles in Austria, Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” on Saturday Night Live, and the list goes on.

How will this transformation influence social norms and values, the economy, environment and public policy?


Keynote speakers


Gordon de Brouwer

Gordon de Brouwer is the Associate Secretary in the Domestic Group of the Department of the Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet. In this position, Gordon leads and cross-government policy advice to the Prime Minister on domestic policy matters. He is Australia’s G20 Sherpa.

Gordon de Brouwer bio
Gordon de Brouwer's keynote


Matt Spannagle

Matt Spannagle is Climate Change Advisor to AusAID. Matt has worked for various agencies, including the UN, and is a specialist in applying adaptation to the developing country context.

Matt Spannagle's bio
Matt Spannagle's keynote


Attendance at the conference is free. To register, visit the registration page.

The conference Twitter hashtag is #anucrawfordphdconf

Planning committee members

  • President/Chair: Ally (E&D)
  • Program co-ordinator: Adriyanto (Eco)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Ryan (Eco)
  • Catering co-ordinator/Venue manager/Equipment manager: James (POGO)
  • Promotion and marketing director/Logistics director: Kimlong (Eco)