My student only (hahahahah!) has an Honours degree

They come from the public service -- will they struggle to get back into academia?

Academic matters

Under no circumstances should you allow your student to collect and use data that they have obtained without HREC approval.

Or that cannot be provided through legal or authorised means!!!!!!!

My student and I disagree over the intellectual direction of the thesis
Depends on where in the process they/you are

Panel members disagree

My student wants to submit without my approval


How much feedback should I be giving?

I don't think I'm the right supervisor ...

My student doesn't think I'm the right supervisor ...

My student wants to move to a new supervisor

My student doesn't seem to want supervision

My student keeps nagging me for a meeting

My student wants too much supervision
This might be true, or it might be that you don't want to give the level of supervision a normal student needs ...

My student won't do what I tell them
students in Australia want tto do their own thing! NOt just be told

There are personality conflicts

Student competence

My student's English is not as strong as I was expecting

I want to terminate my student's candidature

Administrative issues

My student has gone walkabout

My student isn't filling in their paperwork

My studnet keeps wanting extensions

Just because I want it, does my student get it?

An examiner has contacted me ...

Pastoral care

My student seems depressed

My student has 'life' issues

Why won't someone take care of me?