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Format for presentations:
  • Economics: 15-minute presentation, with 5 minutes discussant and 5 minutes of question time
  • POGO and E&D: 15-minute presentation with 10 minutes of question time

Wed, 19 November

Molonglo Theatre

Sessions A, B, C, D
Judge: Bruce Chapman
Facilitator: Samuel Weldgeezie

Sessions E, F, G, H
Judge: Premachandra Athukorala
Facilitator: Daulet Taimagambet
Lennox Room

Sessions A, B, C, D
Judge: Tatsuyoshi Okimoto
Facilitator: Hieu Nguyen

Sessions E, F, G, H
Judge: Bingqin Li
Facilitator: Teneille Elliott
Griffin Room

Sessions A, B, C, D
Judge: Andy Kennedy
Facilitator: Isi Unikowski

Sessions E, F, G, H
Judge: Keith Barney
Facilitator: Ruth Beach
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Welcome: Tom Kompas, Director, Crawford School; Arjuna Mohottala, President, Crawford PhD Conference 2014 Organising Committee, Molonglo Theatre
Keynote: John McMillan, Australian Information Commissioner, Molonglo Theatre
Morning tea. Provided by Branchout Cafe, hospitality and job-ready training for young people with special needs.
Parallel session A
Shining a light on the Indonesian oil palm and development debate with big data, Ryan Edwards
Discussant: Yessi Vadila
The paradox of specialisation: technological expansion and economic stagnation, Akshay Shanker
Discussant: Neal Hughes
‘Putting a Value On It’. The value that New Zealand educational entrepreneurs plan to create, Steve Thomas
Parallel session B
Revenue efforts in mineral producing districts in Indonesia: is there a resource curse? Adriyanto Adriyanto
Discussant: Daulet Taimagambet
Applying reinforcement learning to single and multi-agent economic problems, Neal Hughes
Discussant: Akshay Shanker
Domestic sources of Japanese foreign policy, Ben Ascione
Parallel session C
Fiscal decentralisation and economic growth: Evidence from Vietnam, Tai Dang Nguyen
Discussant: Umbu Raya
Global public goods and coalition formation under matching mechanisms, Larry Liu
Discussant: Tomohito Okabe
Where big data meets no data, Belinda Thompson
Parallel session D
Trade liberalization, poverty, and inequality in Indonesia, Yessi Vadila
Discussant: Ryan Edwards
Optimal regulatory regime and Competition: A theoretical model and a case study of Chinese SOEs, Zhen Qi
Discussant: Paul Hubbard
Facing our demons: Do mindfulness skills help people deal with failure at work? James Donald
Lunch. Provided by Branchout Cafe, hospitality and job-ready training for young people with special needs.
Parallel session E
Land reforms, labor allocation and economic diversity: evidence from Vietnam, Huy Nguyen
Discussant: Thang Vo
Mental health and disengaged youth, Paul Amores
Discussant: Samuel Weldgeezie
Giving rights to nature: A new institutional approach for overcoming social dilemmas? Julia Talbot-Jones
Parallel session F
Small states, big effects? Oil price shocks and economic growth in small island developing states, Alrick Campbell
Discussant: Arjuna Mohottala
Water affordability and state water concessions in Australia, Noel Wai Wah Chan
Institutions, equality, and empowerment in community forestry in Vietnam: impacts on rural livelihoods, Hanh Nguyen
Parallel session G
Accounting for Myanmar consumption expenditure inequality, 2004/05-2009/10, Lwin Lwin Aung
Discussant: Yessi Vadila
Marital assimilation of Central Java people in separate destinations: Investigating patterns of exogamous marriages and status exchange, Hasnani Rangkuti
Open access spatial data for effective disaster risk reduction, Christina Griffin
Parallel session H
Productivity and efficiency in rice production in Myanmar, Nilar Aung
Discussant: Lwin Lwin Aung
Could order and ambition emerge from the fragmented climate governance complex? Eliza Murray
Rising international labour migration in Nepal: A pathway out of rural poverty? Ramesh Sunam
Afternoon tea. Provided by Branchout Cafe, hospitality and job-ready training for young people with special needs.
Panel session: The successes, challenges, and future potential of big data, Molonglo Theatre
Chair: Jenny Gordon, Principal Adviser Research Canberra, Productivity Commission
• Andy Heys, Software Architect, IBM Australia
• Greg Laughlin, Principal Policy Adviser, Australian National Data Service
• Duncan Stone, Senior Manager, Open Innovation, PricewaterhouseCoopers
• Pia Waugh, Director of Coordination and Gov 2.0, Australian Government
Wrap-up: Arjuna Mohottala, President, Crawford PhD Conference 2014 Organising Committee
Close and cocktail party, event venue. Thank you to the Sir Roland Wilson Foundation and to PARSA for their kind sponsorship for this event.