Crawford/NCEPH PhD PD Day


Date: Wed, 7 August
Time: 10 am - 3.15 pm

Presentation notes


10.00 am
Welcome and introduction
Welcome and purpose of Crawford/NCEPH PhD PD Day
10.10 am
Grants and funding opportunities
10.10 Speakers

10.30 Academic guest panel
  • Ann Nevile, Senior Lecturer, Crawford School
  • Andy Kennedy, Senior Lecturer, Crawford School
10.50 am
Research integrity and ethics
11.10 am
Morning tea
11.30 am
12.30 pm
1.10 pm
Careers and the job market

2.10 pm
3MT heat
  • Akshay Shankar
  • Belinda Thompson
  • Stefano Picozzi
  • Umbu Raya

  • Alison Cumming-Thom, Director Teaching and Learning, Crawford School
  • Sage Leslie-McCarthy, Senior Learning Adviser, Academic Skills and Learning Centre, ANU
  • Matthew Thomas, Senior Researcher, Parliamentary Library
3.10 pm
Final remarks
Megan Poore

Presentation notes

Grants and funding opportunities

Sean Downes, Ann Nevile, Andy Kennedy
College Research Services (CAP)
  • Seek out direct funding opportunities
  • Keep a file with future project ideas in it. Collect ideas along the way. The file/notes build on/differ from your thesis
  • Create networks, build collaborative relationshiops. Work with senior academics. Piggy-back on other researchers, get mentored!
  • Publish along the way: 3 - 4 papers is good. Publish before you submit your application
  • Use seed funding to get projects underway. Establish your track record.
  • Get feedback on your application from colleagues. Write early, share it. Write for a non-specialist audience. Clarity and succinctness are essential. Learn from assessors' reports
  • Be strategic in which grants to apply for. Figure out your chances, choose your targets (industry/partners/grants bodies) wisely

Research integrity and ethics

Kim Tiffen
Office of Research Integrity, Research Services
  • Applying for ethics is good research practice
  • Don't try to get retrospective approval for things -- it's unethical and won't happen.
  • All ANU students must do research integrity training. It covers plagiarims, recycling, etc. as well as ethics.

Publish! Publish! Publish! How the scholarly publishing system works & how it fits into your career

Danny Kingsley
Australian Open Access Support Group

Careers and the job market

David Rockawin, Matthew Thomas, Margareta Olsson, Renée Fry-McKibben
Careers Centre, ANU
  • Career Hub is an ANU gateway to job vacancies. You can use it up to two years after you graduate
  • Careers Centre to practise interviews and get feedback on applications. Make an appointment or go to a drop-in session
  • Start thinking about how you will market your PhD. Project work and research skills can be a good place to start. Find a niche
  • Is your PhD an asset or a liability?
  • Risk-taking is good. You need to be flexible and mobile. You may need to create your own job!
  • Planning is key -- think about career issues as you are doing your PhD
  • Gain experience through volunteering, work experience, and tutoring