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NOTE: Videos are not available for all sessions.
Weston Theatre
Opening keynote: Public policy and climate change in the Asian Century
Matt Spannagle, introduced by Ally Adigue

Weston Theatre, Sessions A-D
Session A: Overseas R&D investment: insights from U.S.-based multinational enterprises in manufacturing industries of developed countries
Yixiao Zhou

Session B: Fixed investment, uncertainty and financial market volatility in Japan
Luke Meehan

Session C: Export performance in landlocked developing countries
Ramesh Paudel

Session D: Institutions that matter for economic performance
Greg Lopez

Lennox Room, Sessions A-D
Session A: The state of deforestation in a decentralised Indonesia
Fitrian Ardiansyah

Session D: Growing trees as bioenergy crops needs more than economic incentives
Sandra Velarde

Griffin Room, Session B-D
Session B: The Ghost of Nanny: airing the 'toxic' in democratic debate
John Boswell

Session C: Can the United States' aid program leverage policy cooperation? Evidence from Pakistan
Alicia Mollaun

Session D: The influence of traditional donors on the quality of government in Lao PDR
Phanthanousone (Pepe) Khennavong

Weston Theatre, Session E
Session E: Household bargaining and the relationship to risk in remote Papua New Guinea

Cate Rogers

Lennox room, Session E-G
Session E: A new test of financial contagion with application to the US banking sector
Cody Yu-Ling Hsiao

Session F: Is financial globalization welfare decreasing?
Marcel Schröder

Session G: Emissions intensity targeting: from China's 12th Five Year Plan to its Copenhagen commitment
Yingying Lu

Griffin Room, Session F-G
Session F: Children's values and the value of children in the social inclusion policy agenda
Yu Wei Neo

Session G: Dynamic of public sector reforms: the implementation of the Position Classification System in Bhutan
Lhawang Ugyel