3rd Annual Crawford PhD Conference

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

0900 - 1700

Weston Theatre, Crawford School

High impact public policy research in the Asian Century
As part of the Postgraduate Research Program, the Crawford School will be holding its third annual Crawford PhD Conference on 27 November 2012. This conference will bring together leading PhD candidates from within the Crawford School of Public Policy to share their research and consider implications for public policy making. The conference will particularly focus on how excellent public policy research can impact public policy making, in the context of the Asian Century.

We are seeking papers from post-first year Crawford PhD candidates in the following areas:
  • Economics/economic policy
  • Public policy and governance
  • Environment and development and resource management

This is a competitive process and seven papers only will be chosen in each of these areas.

Although this year’s conference theme centres on the Asian Century, research on non-Asian countries but which is nonetheless relevant to the Asian century is also welcome for submission. Papers may discuss (but are not limited to) the following issues: trade, environment, economic growth, energy and resource management, international relations, social and political development, poverty, food and water security, climate change.

All internal (on-campus) post-first year students are invited to give presentations according to the following formats, which reflect the typical formats in Crawford PhD seminars:
  • Economics: 10-minute presentation, with 5 minutes discussant and 10 minutes of question time
  • POGO and E&D: 15-minute presentation with 10 minutes of question time

Each session will have a facilitator. Coaching will be available to help you plan and prepare your presentation.

This conference provides a wonderful opportunity to present your work in an open and supportive academic environment which benefits your research. You should encourage your colleagues to attend and share time to discuss and debate the high quality of research that is taking place in Crawford school.

Presentation feedback
This conference will provide valuable opportunities for your PhD research. Feedback for your presentation will come either from discussants or from the questions received from the floor.

Paper guidelines/important dates
  1. Abstract Length: 150 words
  2. Abstract submission deadline: Fri, 12 Oct, 2012
  3. Abstract return: Wed, 24 Oct, 2012
  4. Submission of final paper (Economics only): Tues, 6 Nov, 2012
  5. Academic skills session on slideshows and presentation skills: Monday 19 Nov, 2 - 3 pm, Computer Lab 1, Level 2, Crawford Building
  6. Submission of presentation slides (if you are using slides): Tues, 20 Nov, 2012
  7. Discussant feedback: between Mon 12 - Tues 20 Nov, 2012

A PowerPoint template will be available to assist you with the preparation of your presentation and will be emailed to you. Alternatively you may like to design your own slides.

All submissions must be sent to: megan.poore@anu.edu.au

The committee will award prizes of up to $500 to the three most outstanding papers presented in this conference (one each in the areas of Economics, POGO and E&D).

If you have any questions relating to the Conference, please email the relevant conference committee member:
  • President and Chair: Ally (ally.adigue@anu.edu.au)
  • Papers: Adriyanto (adriyanto.adriyanto@anu.edu.au)
  • Marketing and advertising: Kimlong (kimlong.chheng@anu.edu.au)
  • Logistics: Megan (megan.poore@anu.edu.au)