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PhD essentials

Examiners' reports: what do they look like? (no online materials available)
Finishing and submitting
Grants and awards: What's out there?
The literature review
Research proposals
Writing your thesis introduction, conclusion, and abstract
Reference managers (see the PhD Aademic and Research Skills Advisor)
Structuring and developing your text
Thesis writing

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'Control yourself!' workshops

The habit loop: how to set it, how to break it
Getting a mental tune-up
Handling difficult conversations

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Grammar essentials

Grammar essentials 1: Common errors 1
Grammar essentials 2: Common errors 2
Grammar essentials 3: Punctuation
Grammar essentials 4: Style

Academic skills fundamentals

Effective note-taking
Grammar essentials
Giving a seminar
Slideshows and PowerPoint
Time management

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Social media workshops

Building your online profile
Introduction to blogs
Introduction to social networks
Introduction to Twitter
Managing risk online
Mobile study and research
Online productivity tools for study and research
Social bookmarking

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Bicycle workshops

Bicycle maintenance
Bike maintenance workshop. Hey, I'm just sharing what I know. If you have expertise in this, come along and help out! We'll be covering stuff like
  • Checking your brakes
  • Tyre maintenance and wheel inspection
  • Changing a tyre
  • Fixing a flat
  • Lubricating your bike
  • Cleaning your bike
  • Adjusting (and using) your gears
  • Setting your saddle height
  • What equipment to carry
  • Bike safety, road rules, and etiquette
  • How to ride safely
Bring your bike along. We'll meet in Seminar Room 1, then move outside for some practical stuff. I'll also get some gear (tyre levers, patch kits, lights, etc.) so if you want it, all you'll have to do is give me what I paid for it.

Better bike handling and cycling safety
Canberra can be a pretty dangerous place for cyclists. Come along to this workshop to learn about
  • Defensive riding
  • Different types of collisions and how to avoid them
  • Safe riding
  • Safety equipment and its use
  • Correct position on the road or path
  • Avoiding danger and spotting hazards
  • Obeying the road rules -- ALL of them
Download the ACT Road Rules Handbook

Knowing the ACT road rules
New to the ACT? Or just need a refresher on the road rules as they apply to cyclists? This workshop will cover
  • Use of bicycle lanes, cycle paths, and footpaths
  • Give way rules
  • Crossings
  • Intersections and roundabouts
  • Mandatory equipment and its use
Download the ACT Road Rules Handbook