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Workshops and courses overview

1) All workshops and courses are held in Seminar Room 1, Stanner Building, unless otherwise specified
2) Schedule subject to change
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PhD essentials

Examiners' reports: what do they look like? (no online materials available)
Finishing and submitting
Grants and awards: What's out there?
The literature review
Research proposals
Writing your thesis introduction, conclusion, and abstract
Reference managers (content to be provided by ANU Library)
Structuring and developing your text
Thesis writing

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'Control yourself!' workshops

The habit loop: how to set it, how to break it
Getting a mental tune-up
Handling difficult conversations

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Grammar essentials

Grammar essentials 1: Common errors 1
Grammar essentials 2: Common errors 2
Grammar essentials 3: Punctuation
Grammar essentials 4: Style

Academic skills fundamentals

Effective note-taking
Grammar essentials
Giving a seminar
Slideshows and PowerPoint
Time management

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Social media workshops

Building your online profile
Introduction to blogs
Introduction to social networks
Introduction to Twitter
Managing risk online
Mobile study and research
Online productivity tools for study and research
Social bookmarking

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Ethical communication course

Dates: TBA
Course outline (full version)
The purpose of this four-week course is to provide you with a rigorous, intellectual framework for developing (and continuing to develop) your own core values for living a good life, however that life might look for you. The rationale is that if you are aware of the principles, values and ideals that govern your life, you can then decide how you want to interact with others. The course is about exploring issues and uncovering assumptions that might or might not be limiting in your relations with others; this will help you to reflect upon how your actions (and 'inactions') and conduct impact upon individuals and groups.

Student feedback on previous iterations of this course
  • "Lectures were excellent. I developed confidence and communication skills in conversation."
  • "The efforts gone to to create a democratic tutorial environment was appreciated and modelled good behaviour with respect to classroom discussions on difficult topics."
  • "The lectures presented abstract concepts in a clear and well structured way."
  • "Issues presented were conducted in a very respectful and professional environment."
  • "The conversations were handled wonderfully. In a course that can be so sensitive the way that the conversations were run made me feel very safe to be open about my values and beliefs."
  • "Megan took a really wonderful approach in setting up structures to make a safe place where we could express and examine ideas, rather than just preaching at us about what we're supposed to think, and did a fantastic job of moderating the discussions, helping everyone to be included, helping us to examine ourselves, and letting us solve our own problems."
  • "Megan made a big effort to explain things properly! She also used a lot of references and thinkers to stimulate ideas, and gave us useful resources so we could explore what we were interested in without being buried in a truckload of reading."
  • "She managed to inspire us and demonstrate how our conversations *should* work, even while discussing all the dirty realities of how we currently talk -- somehow the gap between our ideals and our practice doesn't seem so insurmountable after this course."
  • "Great supportive group and focus on real issues affecting communication"
  • "Very stimulating - subject was like a mini-arts degree in just a few weeks. All content extremely well structured and prepared."
  • "Today's lecture was worth a year of church!" [This is my favourite bth_smiley-face.jpg ]