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About academic and research skills

The Crawford School has a strong tradition of integrated academic skills delivery. Many of our students are mid-career, and while they may not have studied formally for some time, they bring many skills and experiences with them. Participation in Academic and Research Skills enables students to make a successful transition to the demands of academic study and will also enhance professional skills.

For PhD students, academic and research skills training is available in the form of workshops and intensive courses offered throughout the year. Research students may also consult the PhD Academic and Research Skills Advisor for an individual consultation to discuss the development of research proposals, thesis writing, field reports, seminar presentations, and to arrange copy editing of the final thesis, as well as general academic progress issues.

One-on-one consultations

The PhD Academic and Research Skills Advisor can help you with things such as thesis writing, journal article writing and publication, research project management, reading strategically, structuring text, compiling literature reviews, time management, oral presentations, thesis completion, supervision, and more. To organise a consultation time, contact the PhD Academic and Research Skills Advisor.

Contact the PhD Academic Skills Advisor early in the writing process, even during the planning stage of your proposal, chapter or paper. To avoid disappointment, do not wait until the last minute. You can email the Advisor with an attached draft or plan, but please allow 1 week if your draft is over 5000 words.

Workshops and training

Academic and research skills workshops and classes are held for students at all stages of their degrees. Whether you're just starting out, right in the middle of things, or ready to submit, hopefully there will be something for you. Workshop topics include
  • Intensive writing course
  • Setting up your blog
  • Project and supervision managment
  • Using social media in and for your research
  • Oral presentations
  • Building your online profile
  • Writing thesis proposals
  • Reading strategically
  • Literature reviews
  • Using Twitter

Academic and research skills workshop timetable

Online resources and online community development

No doubt about it, PhD students need a dedicated website -- just for you. We are in the process of building a site (this one!) that will give you access to information, useful resources, announcements, events, and discussions, and that will provide a space for you to seek advice, share discoveries, and add your own materials. We'd love to hear what YOU think you need, though, so please email us with your suggestions.