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About Crawford PhD

You may notice that the Crawford PhD site looks a little different from the other sites you may visit for your PhD studies. That's because Crawford PhD is actually a wiki -- i.e., it's a site that anyone can edit, depending on how it's set up. We have set up Crawford PhD so that you have to ask and be approved before you can join, so it's not open to 'just anyone'. But once you've joined, you can add your own materials and make changes to the ones that currently appear on the site.

We have chosen to use a wiki for Crawford PhD for a number of reasons:
  1. The wiki format is ideal for hosting a repository of all your essential program info in the one spot. This allows for consistency of experience for you as a student: rather than going to eight different sites throughout your program, you will simply come here. If you need to visit another site, we have linked out to it.
  2. It allows us to easily embed a variety of media, giving you a richer online experience and enabling us to deliver dynamic content to suit our varied educational and informational purposes.
  3. It is 'authentic' and reflects contemporary usage of online technologies.
  4. It aligns with the philosophy of 'open education'. This philosophy is based on the belief that knowledge should be shared, not locked down. Having a space that anyone can view forces us look beyond institutional boundaries and to connect across a variety of contexts.
  5. It allows your the PhD studies team to keep track of conversations, issues, problems, and discussions across the PhD program. This allows us to respond more quickly and accurately to things as they develop.

To find out more about wikis and how they work in general, visit our wiki FAQ.

Contributing to this site

external image 300px-WikiPatrol.pngOf course, we'd love you to add your thoughts, problems, comments, etc. to the discussion forums on the Crawford PhD site, but before contributing you should check out the service provider information page and get into the habit of checking out any service's Terms of Service before you contribute.

Before you can edit the site or leave a message on the forum, you will be asked to register an account with Wikispaces. If, however, you do not wish to register an account, then you can sign in using a generic student account we have set up. The details are:
  • username: crawfordphdstudent
  • password: crawfordphdstudent

If you use this option for forum posts, we ask that you at least sign off on your message using your first name, or that you give us some other way of identifying you. If you don't, we will delete your message.

If you have any questions, then why not post a comment -- after checking Wikispaces Terms of Service, of course ;) If you have privacy concerns, though, contact the PhD Academic and Research Skills Advisor.

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