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ANU Higher Degree Research Guide

The ANU HDR Guide is designed to assist graduate research students, members of supervisory panels, and administrators in the administrative management of higher degree research candidature at the ANU. It could be the most useful site you bookmark.

ANU Research Student Development Centre

The Research Student Development Centre (RSDC)hosts excellent courses and has an excellent website displaying all research training and opportunities available at ANU throughout each semester including courses in Word, Excel, managing long documents, how to get published, giving presentations and database training.

The programs offered by the RSDC are free for enrolled students and there is a variety of ways the RSDC can meet the needs of individual research students, so add the website to your ‘favourites’ and visit it regularly to see what is relevant to you.

Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA)

The Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA) is the elected voice for graduate students at ANU and is run by students, for students and represents graduates both collectively and individually. PARSA provides a range of services to support the specific needs of graduate students in relation to both their studies and daily life. These services include face-to-face advice with legal and study challenges, as well as access to a one-off Emergency Loan Scheme.

Interactive Student Information System (ISIS)

ISIS shows a student’s contact details, enrolment details and course progress. It is your responsibility to regularly check your record on ISIS, updating contact details when necessary. Log in to ISIS using your student log in details.


The SiGNPOST Program is a university-wide mentoring program for graduate students. The aim of the SIGNPOST program is to provide peer support to new students facing the transitional issues of beginning graduate studies at the ANU. The program is particularly valuable to new international students as it assists them to settle in, learn about a new culture and provides them with a supportive environment.

The program formally runs for the first 6-8 weeks of the semester however new PhD students are matched with a mentor almost as soon as they sign up. For more information on the program or to register please visit the SIGNPOST website.


TOAST allows you to assess your training needs in supported areas, and learn of training opportunities in those areas. You can also compare changes to your skill level over time. Please see the TOAST website and click on the toast pieces to begin.

Graduate Information Literacy Program (GILP)

The Graduate Information Literacy Program (GILP) is tailored to enrich your academic experience by providing training for you in information skills and computer skills. Each of the courses has been developed to support students undertaking graduate studies at ANU. Graduate students are advised to consider using GILP early in their program to assess their information skills and plan training that compliments their research and coursework.

Centre for Higher Education, Learning and Teaching (CHELT)

The Centre for Higher Education, Learning and Teaching is an academic centre with a service role. It provides an institution-wide service support role to all seven ANU Colleges and reports to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning, Teaching and Students). Its service role is to build institutional capacity in academic work, in areas such as teaching and learning, curriculum development, research supervision and academic leadership, with a particular focus on educational development.

ANU Digital Theses

At the ANU Digital Theses Collection you can deposit your thesis, find information about digital theses and search for ANU and Australian theses. The University maintains a collection of open access versions of some ANU theses. University candidates and graduates can make their PhD, MPhil and Doctorate by Research theses open access by depositing their successful theses through these pages.

Useful policies


Guideline: PhD Attendance Requirements